WWE Supplemental Draft Recap 2009


There were a few more surprises left in store during today’s supplemental draft on WWE.com, and as I expected, my draft pick percentages climbed the charts.

Prediction one- One of the Bella twins would go to Raw. I should get half the points for this call, because both of  the Bella twins landed on Raw.

Prediction two- Hurricane Helms would go to ECW.

Prediction three- Natalya going to ECW.

Prediction four- Zack Ryder going to ECW, though I thought Curt Hawkins would go with him, as there is no real tag team competition in the ECW anymore.

Surprise, Surprise!

In my draft follow up article, I mentioned that Christian and Evan Borne would jump ECW’s ship; they stayed on board. I don’t understand the reasoning behind this, there are other superstars who would fit better on ECW’s roster. Brian Kendrick for instance, who’s counterpart, Ezekiel Jackson landed there. Instead they split them up, and sent “The” Brian Kendrick to Raw……What?

Another candidate for ECW, Charlie Haas, was sent to Smackdown-When was the last time he even stepped in the ring? Dolph Ziggler joined him too, and while I find Dolph to be both entertaining and a good wrestler, he’s still in the grooming stage.

Festus was split from Jesse and is going to Raw…..Need I say anything more?

A nice surprise was seeing Cryme Tyme’s JTG and Shad going to Smackdown, while Carlito and Primo moved to Raw.

John Morrisson did wind up jumping ECW’s ship, but that was no shock, he’s been primed for solo superstardom for sometime now. He will call Smackdown his new home.

Brand jumping doesn’t only happen during the draft, I still have a hunch we’ll see Christian and Evan Borne jump before the years up. Here’s hoping.