Annabella’s Epiphanies Resurrected From the Dead

Yes, it’s true. Annabella’s Epiphanies has been resurrected- for now.

Before I get to the goods, thanks is in order- to all of you who have supported me and my blog, Annabella’s Epiphanies, a big thank you. I would not be where I am today had it not been for this blog and all who have followed my work. Some of you may be wondering where I’ve been, others know. This is, for the most part, for those who followed until I disappeared, and for those who continue to find my blog on search engines world-wide.

When I started this blog, the technical aspect of my writing was hideous to say the least. (Trust me, I’ve looked back.) Perhaps it was because I started this blog as an experiment.

On the other hand, the content seemed to strike a chord with an insane amount of people. In short, Annabella’s Epiphanies circumstantially became a platform for my writing career.

A few months into Annabella’s Epiphanies and a lot of research later, I got an opportunity to write an opinion editorial (op-ed)  for the Daily News Journal. That op-ed morphed into a year-long gig. A few more op-ed’s and I was off to the sports section, where I became a regular guest NFL columnist. (Thank you, Greg Pogue.)

During this time, I was doing triple duty dabbling in some side projects; to be specific, I was volunteer blogging for a cause near and dear to my heart. I also spent a short time with a “start-up” NFL website. (Which turned out to be an epic fail and shall remain nameless.) Nonetheless, I was able to maintain some kind of consistency with Annabella’s Epiphanies.

February 2010 changed all that.

Almost simultaneously, I received two semi-permanent job offers. The first was from a man who had found me through my various articles and blogs floating around the internet. His company, iTrip, was looking for a person to write three blogs a week pertaining to the vacation rental industry. I knew nothing of vacation rentals and very little about travel, so I was quite enthralled that he was asking me to be the face of their blog. I learned quickly and soon picked up the title of  social media marketer as well. (I should add that the pay was not bad either, but I didn’t like that I was made to look like a ghost writer over half of the time.)

The Murfreesboro Post, a local, independent newspaper came next. With a human interest piece under my belt and pro football still in season, the editor decided to throw me back on the NFL wagon. (Good choice. No, really, the editor said so herself.)

All Things Must Come to an End

Sometimes things happen that are out of our control, as was the case with iTrip. I had to resign due to an unexpected obstacle, but I’m not one to believe in coincidence. Even before the aforementioned obstacle, I was beginning to feel weary. I wanted to get back to writing about my true passions-  football, sports entertainment, (WWE and TNA) entertainment, op-ed’s, and of course, my personal memoir. Now, that’s exactly what I’m doing.

I will be blogging on Annabella’s Epiphanies as often as possible, if even only to update you all on my freelance writing adventures.

Again, thank you all so much for making writing worth doing.

See you soon!


Changes- Future Next Exit


I want to say a quick hello and thank you to all of you who have supported my blog these past few months. I’m sure you’ve noticed my lack of content recently, but I assure you I have not stopped producing content.

Some of you know that I am a freelance writer and sports columnist specializing in all things Tennessee Titans related. My columns run in the Daily News Journal. Sometimes they run weekly, sometimes bi-weekly. (We’re still working out all the kinks.) My other areas of expertise are mental health advocacy and awareness, and on occassion I still join in on the fun of devaluing the unenviable right wing pundits of America. 

When I can, I volunteer blog for two wonderful organizations, and NAMI TN’s “In Our Own Voice”, where you can find more of my “entertaining and controversial” content. But- don’t let the branding fool you, my views on these issues aren’t anything I take lightly. In fact, my virtual tone on the subject matter is intensely vociferous in its nature.

With that said, I want to reiterate how important my readers are to me. I also realize just how many of my readers live out of the states, which make some of my articles harder to locate without the use of my blog. This is where the change comes into play. In order to keep my blog consistent, I would like to introduce a new column on my blog , a kind of “journey through the life of a writer”  manifesto. There aren’t enough writers/journalists involving their readers in the process of becoming one of the “elite” in the industry, and I would love to involve all of you in my journey.

Here is what I expect to be changing-

1. Short up to date summaries of the projects I’m working on.

2. Journal/SEO style blogs concerning the struggles connected to becoming a successful writer.

3. For aspiring writers, tips on what to do and what not to do when trying to break into the industry.

4.  URL links, and in some cases, clips copied and pasted on to my blog to make it easier for those having a hard time finding my content other places.

5.  On occasion you will still find some of “Annabella’s Epiphanies” in the form of music, pro football, sports entertainment, the entertainment industry, and informative advocacy pieces that do not generally fit commercially in the mainstream media.

Coming Soon

 There will be a survey for you all. I’d like for you to tell me what content you are interested in seeing me write about. 

I look forward to hearing your feedback, and I’ll be sure to follow-up with any statements or questions you may have.

Thank you all again, without you, none of this would be possible.


NAMI Tennessee: In Our Own Voice

The National Alliance on Mental Illness, better known as NAMI, is a grassroots mental health advocacy organization dedicated to ending the stigma associated with mental illness. Established in 1979, NAMI began building their legacy by creating a simplistic, yet affective, mission statement- “support, educate, research.”

Since its incarnation three decades ago, NAMI has expanded with over 1,200 affiliates covering 50 states, D.C., Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia. The organization now operates at the local, state, and national levels, but their focus on the local and state levels targets each individual state’s needs when it comes to addressing specific issues within the community. One of the highlights that co-occur between affiliates is the vast array of  consumer oriented support programs. Divisions of these include an education, training, and peer support center, a child and adolescent action center, a multi-cultural action center, a legal center, and a veterans resource center, just to name a few.

As part of the education, training, and peer support center, NAMI offers a program called In Our Own Voice, (IOOV) a public education campaign in which consumers are trained to make public speaking appearances at places such as schools, law enforcement agencies, churches, political events, and jails. During these speaking engagements the consumers share their heart wrenching stories of both pain and recovery.

IOOV is a program the state of  Tennessee is pushing in an innovative new direction. Tennessee has 46 NAMI chapters, but it is Middle Tennessee that has set the tone for NAMI affiliates all over the country. By using the popular website Ning, a social networking phenomenon that allows users to create and join their own social networks, NAMI Tennessee’s IOOV has provided an interactive platform for consumers, friends, and families affected by mental illness. It’s a place where peers, along with their friends and family, can find compassion, understanding, and inspiration. They also host a blog of the same name, where you’ll find introductory styled stories, journal type entries pertaining to mental illness, information on IOOV, mental health research news, and other important developments in the mental health field.

Because the NAMI TN Ning site and blog are so new, not many people have caught on yet. Another misconception is that you have to live in the state of TN to join in and participate; on the contrary, the goal of all NAMI affiliates is to “support, educate, and research.”  Don’t be shy, come join in the fight to end the stigma and have some fun while you’re at it!