Annabella’s Epiphanies Resurrected From the Dead

Yes, it’s true. Annabella’s Epiphanies has been resurrected- for now.

Before I get to the goods, thanks is in order- to all of you who have supported me and my blog, Annabella’s Epiphanies, a big thank you. I would not be where I am today had it not been for this blog and all who have followed my work. Some of you may be wondering where I’ve been, others know. This is, for the most part, for those who followed until I disappeared, and for those who continue to find my blog on search engines world-wide.

When I started this blog, the technical aspect of my writing was hideous to say the least. (Trust me, I’ve looked back.) Perhaps it was because I started this blog as an experiment.

On the other hand, the content seemed to strike a chord with an insane amount of people. In short, Annabella’s Epiphanies circumstantially became a platform for my writing career.

A few months into Annabella’s Epiphanies and a lot of research later, I got an opportunity to write an opinion editorial (op-ed)  for the Daily News Journal. That op-ed morphed into a year-long gig. A few more op-ed’s and I was off to the sports section, where I became a regular guest NFL columnist. (Thank you, Greg Pogue.)

During this time, I was doing triple duty dabbling in some side projects; to be specific, I was volunteer blogging for a cause near and dear to my heart. I also spent a short time with a “start-up” NFL website. (Which turned out to be an epic fail and shall remain nameless.) Nonetheless, I was able to maintain some kind of consistency with Annabella’s Epiphanies.

February 2010 changed all that.

Almost simultaneously, I received two semi-permanent job offers. The first was from a man who had found me through my various articles and blogs floating around the internet. His company, iTrip, was looking for a person to write three blogs a week pertaining to the vacation rental industry. I knew nothing of vacation rentals and very little about travel, so I was quite enthralled that he was asking me to be the face of their blog. I learned quickly and soon picked up the title of  social media marketer as well. (I should add that the pay was not bad either, but I didn’t like that I was made to look like a ghost writer over half of the time.)

The Murfreesboro Post, a local, independent newspaper came next. With a human interest piece under my belt and pro football still in season, the editor decided to throw me back on the NFL wagon. (Good choice. No, really, the editor said so herself.)

All Things Must Come to an End

Sometimes things happen that are out of our control, as was the case with iTrip. I had to resign due to an unexpected obstacle, but I’m not one to believe in coincidence. Even before the aforementioned obstacle, I was beginning to feel weary. I wanted to get back to writing about my true passions-  football, sports entertainment, (WWE and TNA) entertainment, op-ed’s, and of course, my personal memoir. Now, that’s exactly what I’m doing.

I will be blogging on Annabella’s Epiphanies as often as possible, if even only to update you all on my freelance writing adventures.

Again, thank you all so much for making writing worth doing.

See you soon!


Soul Mates: The Anguish of an Untimely, Broken Connection

Have you ever found yourself in a crowd of random people and managed to glance in the direction of a pair of eyes that immediately caught your attention? Then, without warning, you realize you’ve traversed into a another dimension where only you and the other person exist?

Have you ever held an unexpected conversation with a “stranger” for the first time and felt a gravitational/universal pull that brings forth a contiguous sense of familiarity and interconnectedness which cannot be explained logically?

If you have, then you’ve probably met a soul mate.

There have been various theories and several debates about the existence of soul mates and twin souls- right down to the specific “types” of soul mates.  But the one thing that is certain- all soul mates have some kind of past life connection. So, how do you differentiate the intensity, type, or role of the soul mate.

It is both simple and complex at the same time. If it’s a romantic soul mate, one with which you’ve shared many life times- you know. It’s an innate feeling deep inside your soul. It’s as if you are connected by an inseverable umbilical cord. There may even be moments of deja vu. You have an unnatural ability to communicate at the same time, or telepathically. Empathy goes beyond the levels of normalcy. Passion can be extremely intense in both the physical and mental sense.

Even so, soul mate relationships can be difficult, just like any other relationship. “Soul mate relationships are Karmic,” says Dr. Barbara Rose. “You have made a soul “agreement” to come into this life to meet again to uproot and transform each of your deepest healing and growth issues.”

The ego will often get in the way of the healing process in regards to years of negative patterns. If you allow it, it will be your soul mate who will help you to heal and grow. It is, without a doubt, as Dr. Rose says,  a deeply difficult process.

“However, once the resistance stops, and you face what needs to be healed within, then all of that turbulence within the relationship also dissipates, because you are no longer “fighting the river,” but are “going with the flow” where your can truly soar once you stop fighting everything you know deep within your heart to be true.”

But what happens if the fighting doesn’t stop, and the connection is broken? FEAR and EGO, according to Dr. Rose is the root of the cause behind soul mates parting ways.  Fear of being true to oneself, and their partner. Lack of communication, or the refusal of one or both parties to face what they need to face in order to heal and grow. Letting material things, status, and other parts of the ego go is the only way to let true love in.

Still, it isn’t any less painful. When you find yourself apart from your soul mate you experience a vast array of emotions, from feeling lost, to empty, to chronically sad, and restless. It’s as if a part of your own soul vanished when they did.

The positive? Often times soul mates continuously return to one another. Why? Because “true love never dies” and an ethereal connection can never be broken. Whatever happens, be it reuniting or not, your soul mate will remain in your heart always; from this life to the next and so on.

The sad part? You can’t always wait around for your soul mate to grow- you must continue your own growth process, avoiding self-destruction. Your other half must choose to do the same.

What’s worse, however, is if fear is the culprit behind the loss of your soul mate. Soul mates like these come once in a lifetime.

There’s no need to run. Choose to face your fears alongside your soulmate. Disagreements can be solved with communication, but your deepest fears must be faced head on. No one but you can distinguish that fire.

Source information can be found here

Annabella’s Epiphanies: Blogging Made Pleasurable

As promised, here is a quick poll for you to help me improve Annabella’s Epiphanies. A writer is only as good as her readers make her. I value each of your opinions and hope to make your visits to my blog a more satisfying experience.

If you have any other ideas or feedback, be sure to voice your opinions through comments on this post.

Annabella’s M.I.A.

Much to my chagrin, I have lagged behind in terms of production content for my blog. For this, I owe you all an apology, as well as an explanation.

The holidays are always a bit on the disorderly side of things-tis the season. But the addition of personal change, inner chaos, and the demands involved with becoming a regular NFL columnist are mostly to blame for my lack of production.

Every new writer has their ups and downs. Scratch that. Every writer has ups and downs. More specifically, new writers often have to work a typical “day job” while writing their way up the publishing latter rungs. And if we’re being honest here,  the current state of the economy in America has made the transition even more trying. Throw in the newspaper death debate and you’ve got all the makings for a “made for tv” movie.

Take the writing and the search for a day job out of the equation and you’ve still got personal change and inner chaos. I’ll save the intricate details for a future memoir- but I will say this- most of the kinks have been ameliorated.

My blog’s column, “This Writer’s Life,” is still in development, albeit delayed. Be sure to look for it soon, and I’ll be sure to keep you posted. Also, look for a survey soon. I would love to hear from my readers about what they most look forward to reading when they come to “Annabella’s Epiphanies.”

More importantly however, I would like to thank you all for your continued support-even when I’m not on my game.

Love and Respect-


Dogs Are Smarter Than Most Think

If you’ve ever taken your pooch to a canine training class than you’re probably familiar with how the trainer associates treats, clickers, and tone with the dog’s ability to learn. On the other hand- if you’re an observant dog owner yourself, you’ve probably questioned just how smart your dog actually is.

This is the type of thinking that has inspired scientists to further explore the canine’s capacity to learn.

In recent years, scientists have given recognition to the canine species by adding them to the diminutive list of  non-human species capable of using abstract concepts, such as sorting objects into categories. This particular behavior has only been seen in primates and birds before, according to science correspondent James Randerson of  The Guardian.

Stanley Coren, an expert in the field of canines, professor at the University of British Columbia, and author of several canine psyche books, including the popular “How Dogs Think”, concurs. During his studies, Coren has found that the average dog is as smart as a two-year old child, their tolietry skills often better than the two-year old’s. Coren also concludes that canines have the capability of  learning up to 300 words, as well as feeling emotions such as joy, fear, and anger.

As far as research is concerned, the possibilities are endless. Can a dog sense when something is not quite right with their human counter part? Do dogs indeed have a telepathic connection with their human friends?

Judging from my own experiences, my guess is yes.