Soul Mates: The Anguish of an Untimely, Broken Connection

Have you ever found yourself in a crowd of random people and managed to glance in the direction of a pair of eyes that immediately caught your attention? Then, without warning, you realize you’ve traversed into a another dimension where only you and the other person exist?

Have you ever held an unexpected conversation with a “stranger” for the first time and felt a gravitational/universal pull that brings forth a contiguous sense of familiarity and interconnectedness which cannot be explained logically?

If you have, then you’ve probably met a soul mate.

There have been various theories and several debates about the existence of soul mates and twin souls- right down to the specific “types” of soul mates.  But the one thing that is certain- all soul mates have some kind of past life connection. So, how do you differentiate the intensity, type, or role of the soul mate.

It is both simple and complex at the same time. If it’s a romantic soul mate, one with which you’ve shared many life times- you know. It’s an innate feeling deep inside your soul. It’s as if you are connected by an inseverable umbilical cord. There may even be moments of deja vu. You have an unnatural ability to communicate at the same time, or telepathically. Empathy goes beyond the levels of normalcy. Passion can be extremely intense in both the physical and mental sense.

Even so, soul mate relationships can be difficult, just like any other relationship. “Soul mate relationships are Karmic,” says Dr. Barbara Rose. “You have made a soul “agreement” to come into this life to meet again to uproot and transform each of your deepest healing and growth issues.”

The ego will often get in the way of the healing process in regards to years of negative patterns. If you allow it, it will be your soul mate who will help you to heal and grow. It is, without a doubt, as Dr. Rose says,  a deeply difficult process.

“However, once the resistance stops, and you face what needs to be healed within, then all of that turbulence within the relationship also dissipates, because you are no longer “fighting the river,” but are “going with the flow” where your can truly soar once you stop fighting everything you know deep within your heart to be true.”

But what happens if the fighting doesn’t stop, and the connection is broken? FEAR and EGO, according to Dr. Rose is the root of the cause behind soul mates parting ways.  Fear of being true to oneself, and their partner. Lack of communication, or the refusal of one or both parties to face what they need to face in order to heal and grow. Letting material things, status, and other parts of the ego go is the only way to let true love in.

Still, it isn’t any less painful. When you find yourself apart from your soul mate you experience a vast array of emotions, from feeling lost, to empty, to chronically sad, and restless. It’s as if a part of your own soul vanished when they did.

The positive? Often times soul mates continuously return to one another. Why? Because “true love never dies” and an ethereal connection can never be broken. Whatever happens, be it reuniting or not, your soul mate will remain in your heart always; from this life to the next and so on.

The sad part? You can’t always wait around for your soul mate to grow- you must continue your own growth process, avoiding self-destruction. Your other half must choose to do the same.

What’s worse, however, is if fear is the culprit behind the loss of your soul mate. Soul mates like these come once in a lifetime.

There’s no need to run. Choose to face your fears alongside your soulmate. Disagreements can be solved with communication, but your deepest fears must be faced head on. No one but you can distinguish that fire.

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11 thoughts on “Soul Mates: The Anguish of an Untimely, Broken Connection

  1. I have met my soulmate. I saw him for the first time during a church function at a church neither of us actually attended. We were both there with friends and it was before 9th grade. Our eyes locked across a circle of kids and it seemed for a minute that we were the only 2 people in the room. We instantly hit it off like we had known each other forever. I was only 13 and was 14. I told myself that I was going to marry him some day. We attended the same high school and didn’t have very many classes together over the years and never dated but I would always find myself staring at him or catch him looking at me. He was pretty shy and would look away. I had a boyfriend most of high school but it was platonic and I later found out that boyfriend was gay. The thing was I always wanted the other guy to be my boyfriend. I could never stop thinking about him. I wrote cute things in my yearbooks beside his pictures every year. I had a class with him senior year and I lived for that class and there was a lot of sexual tension between us. The teacher even told my mother this in a parent teacher conference. When I lost my virginity to the town jerk, and told him about it he was visibly upset. I don’t know why I told him except that I felt compelled to tell Jim everything and not have any secrets. I should have told him how I felt about him. Right after high school we did end up having a brief relationship. It felt so right and my life felt so complete. I was finally a part of his life. When we had sex for the first time it was the most comfortable thing I have ever done. There was no nervousness like there should have been for a 17and 18 yr old couple. We never even had to talk to know what the other was thinking. We went to college and drifted apart. A lot of things have happened and people have come and gone from both of our lives but we recently connected because of Facebook. He is happily married and I am divorced. I found out that he has never forgotten about me either and thru texting we had so many conversations about the fact that we are soul mates and should be together. He won’t leave his wife and wants to keep their family intact. Meanwhile I am getting totally obsessed with him and can’t stop thinking about him. He had to unfriend me on Facebook because we were texting and it was ALOT of texting. Over 3000 in just 2 weeks. there was some other stuff that was said and done that I won’t mention and he started to feel guilty so we stopped talking altogether. I have no idea what to do. He said we’ll be together in the future but I have no idea how long to wait. I want to say forever. This was a long blog and I don’t know how to explain the connection we have. I have made this pretty tame about what has happened over the last 2 months. If I told you everything you would know it isn’t just one sided and that he feels the same way.

  2. Almost 2 years ago, I met my soulmate. I could tell story after story about the many convergences our lives had made prior to our actual meetings, the times we “spoke” across time and space and our mutual experience of “knowing each other” from the moment we met and the numerous strange circumstances that brought us together time and time again despite living 400 miles apart and living vastly different lives.
    He had been previously married before we met and on 3 different occasions, his former spouse asked him to return and he did – most recently 12 months ago.
    I know I have to keep living. I know I deserve to be happy. And herein lies the question. I know there is no “getting over” this, so how does one move forward and be open to experiencing love again? The idea of having a relationship with someone else strikes me as quite ridiculous and I have not felt anything for anyone else since meeting him. And yet, I know I deserve to have a life full of love – and if it can’t be with him it seems cruel that I can’t feel intimate love for anyone else.
    How does one move forward?

  3. i met her first when in was 14, but it was magic….i felt peace, unreal love and an intense connection to her, a deja vu of a frequent dream of how i met her coming true. i wanted to talk to her but being shy, i took a week to finally talk to her. we shared a good friendship, but she had other responsibilities then. also she scared the living lights out of me with her cold response at that time so i held back and kept my distance. eventually we fell into a relationship with other people and grew to be more different than the immature 14 year old we were then. we met again after 10 years, this time both single. and the same feelings of peace, unrestricted love and an intense connection and comfort with her. she, this time felt the same for me. we dated from then and connected to each other so strongly it was unreal. we would feel if one of us was down and would just simply ruch to talk to each other all the time. we couldnt stay away from each other for any longer than day. we got engaged a year after, with promises to each other to get married latest by 2014. But it was not to be.. just as everything was being put in place and our life together was starting to take shape….she passed away in a car crash. i lost my soulmate to god that day.. i lost my will to live.i know suicide is not what she wudve wanted at any cost… and i made promises to her that i intend to fulfill to the fullest. i know she looks over me. i know she is there in my heart my mind. I KNOW ONE DAY WHEN MY TIME IS UP IN THIS LIFE I WILL BE REUNITED WITH HER AGAIN. I WISH FATE WASNT THIS CRUEL…. I FEEL EMPTY, LOST AND COMPLETELY DEAD WITHOUT HER. i know no can replace her. n im happy to live all alone for the rest of this life with her memories, honouring her, loving her, and fulfilling my promises to her. i just await the day i m back with my sweet simple loving soulmate again. life is just a lie without her. her name is sunita. god bless u hunny. i miss u n wait for the day we be one again.

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