The NFL’s Top 3 Best Losing Teams

Every year the NFL seems to become more and more like a soap opera-ish reality t.v. show- and it’s not just the “off field” antics I’m talking about here.

The plot begins to take shape in the pre-season and rapidly thickens as the regular season progresses.

Here’s where things get odd-

These two forms of entertainment are most interchangeable in the way that they are extremely unpredictable. There once was a time when the NFL was vaguely predictable. The 2009 season is proof that there is no longer a case for predictability in the NFL.  Both fans and sports analysts have been scratching their heads for months now. Why? Because several of the NFL’s best teams are on the losing side of the fence.

This has prompted a list for the NFL’s Top 3 Best Losing Teams.

1. The Pittsburgh Steelers- The defending Super Bowl champs currently have a record of 6-7 after losing their fifth straight game. In all but three of the games they’ve played this season, the Steelers have won or lost by ten points or less. It wouldn’t seem so abnormal if the Steelers had played these games against notably competitive teams, but they were playing against teams like the Titans, the lowly Detroit Lions, the disappointing Chicago Bears, and the constantly struggling Cleveland Browns. I’m not trying to sound redundant, but they were the 2008 Super Bowl champs-nothing more needs to be said.

2. The Tennessee Titans– In 2008 the Titans exploded onto the scene with an impressive 10-0 start. By the end of the season they had three players from their secondary at the Pro Bowl. The Titans have been far from explosive this season, starting 0-6 before getting their first win against the Jacksonville Jaguars in week 6. Funny thing is, the only gash the Titans took to their roster during the off-season was the loss of big number 92, Albert Haynesworth- the majority of their starters found their way back onto the roster. If it weren’t for the Steelers being the defending Super Bowl champs, the Titans would have easily taken number one on this list. Any sports analyst would agree- they are the best team on the losing side. There is no logical explanation for the Titans 0-6 start. Although, there is one bright spot- VY may still have a future among the NFL elite.

3. The Chicago Bears- The saga between ex Bronco’s QB Jay Cutler and their new head coach, Josh McDaniel’s, ended with the trade of Cutler to the Chicago Bears. This dissension was the center piece of the NFL soap opera during the offseason. Many people, myself included, believed Cutler was the Bears ticket back into the Super Bowl. Cutler’s rocket arm and his ability to scramble around in and outside of the pocket won the Bronco’s many a game. You can’t consciously place the blame on Cutler for the way the Bears season has turned out, however. The Bears offensive line is severely inadequate when it comes to protecting their QB, and there is only so much the lead man can do when his receivers are incompetent. Here’s another unforseen fiasco- I guarantee you the Bears didn’t plan on seeing LB Brian Urlacher back on IR again.

Oh well, there’s always next season for these hapless teams.


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