Dogs Are Smarter Than Most Think

If you’ve ever taken your pooch to a canine training class than you’re probably familiar with how the trainer associates treats, clickers, and tone with the dog’s ability to learn. On the other hand- if you’re an observant dog owner yourself, you’ve probably questioned just how smart your dog actually is.

This is the type of thinking that has inspired scientists to further explore the canine’s capacity to learn.

In recent years, scientists have given recognition to the canine species by adding them to the diminutive list of  non-human species capable of using abstract concepts, such as sorting objects into categories. This particular behavior has only been seen in primates and birds before, according to science correspondent James Randerson of  The Guardian.

Stanley Coren, an expert in the field of canines, professor at the University of British Columbia, and author of several canine psyche books, including the popular “How Dogs Think”, concurs. During his studies, Coren has found that the average dog is as smart as a two-year old child, their tolietry skills often better than the two-year old’s. Coren also concludes that canines have the capability of  learning up to 300 words, as well as feeling emotions such as joy, fear, and anger.

As far as research is concerned, the possibilities are endless. Can a dog sense when something is not quite right with their human counter part? Do dogs indeed have a telepathic connection with their human friends?

Judging from my own experiences, my guess is yes.


One thought on “Dogs Are Smarter Than Most Think

  1. I glad to see that at least a few of the human species are becoming enlightened to canine intellectual capabilities. I’m reminded of this fact daily as my human and I transverse the neighborhood and observe the idiots on the trailing end of the leash. It’s true we canines aren’t as loquacious as most humans, but judging from much of their verbage an immobile jaw would be to their advantage. Coodoos! Visit me at for a few Christmas laughs.

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