GIVE OUR YOUTH A SECOND CHANCE- A look at the health care reform and mental illness in youth.


The hot button topic among media hounds in recent weeks has been, surprise surprise, the health care reform proposal. Universal health care versus public option is what the right wing syndicates have zeroed in on this go around.

 Whether to incorporate universal health care or public option is not the real issue.

Ultra conservatives have majored in the art of deception, diluting the seriousness of the issue by pressing their own political agendas, the current agenda being the hatred of anything associated with President Barack Obama. When right wing enthusiasts had a problem with the idea of universal health care President Obama laid out another plan, public option, and the media on the right still found reasons to disapprove. Do you see a pattern here?

Let’s take a look at the obvious- What is the motive behind the urgent need for change in America’s lagging health care system?

Collaborating together with, a non profit organization dedicated to acclerating mental health research and ending the stigmas associated with mental illness, I created an investigative opinion editorial (an oxy moron, I’m aware) that peels back the layers and uncovers the truth.

Seek the truth and take action. “GIVE OUR YOUTH A SECOND CHANCE.”


3 thoughts on “GIVE OUR YOUTH A SECOND CHANCE- A look at the health care reform and mental illness in youth.

  1. Hi there!

    Of course you are someone important, everyone is important in some way or another.

    I want to thank YOU for recognizing my efforts and taking the time to leave a comment.

    You get the point that many Americans’ (and other countries’ citizens) do not. The likely reason, as you mentioned, is because you have family affected by mental illness, which can be just as devastating. The only way to end the stigma is to keep screaming at the top of our lungs- to educate society, by force if neccessary. (I do not mean by violence of course, but rather through our words and actions as consumers and family members of consumers.)

    I look forward to reading your blog!


  2. Hey-

    I’m not anyone important, nor is my blog at all dedicated to change. I commend your efforts and also your succinct manner of addressing the crisis that is youth mental health care. I fortunately do not suffer from mental illness but with immediate family members suffering my life has been touched by such issues. Ignoring them as a society and treating them as any less terrible than directly physical ailments is a travesty and is setting up the groundwork for a future wrought with truly troubled people that could have been helped.

    Sorry that was long, I just wanted to say thanks and well done.

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