WWE 2009 Draft Follow Up-and some other afterthoughts

matt_hardy1the-mizIn relation to my draft picks, the night started off with a bang. However, by the end of the night the draft picks I  made scored an even 6-6. Including the picks that were not made, I was a horrendous 6-17. It’s not bad for my first ever WWE draft prediction, but I submitted my picks with the supplemental draft in mind. The supplemental draft this year will occur Wednesday on WWE.com at noon. So, technically it’s not over. Last years supplemental draft earned Raw 6 other picks, Smackdown 6 other picks, and ECW 4 other picks. Two former ECW jumpers, Shelton Benjamin and Kofi Kingston, have gained (or regained) WWE superstar status’, which is why I believe Evan Borne and Christian will be jumping ECW’s ship this year. Christian has always had a large following, his “peeps” are 100% loyal, and lets be honest, he’s too much of commodity to remain on ECW. Evan Borne has, in recent months, garnered a large following of his own due to his high risk, high flying, in ring abilities. It is intoxicating to watch him in the ring, and he should be given the opportunity for better competition.

Other points of interest include ECW recieving only one pick in the first round of the draft.  Raw has 30 superstars on it’s roster, Smackdown has 34 on it’s roster, and ECW has a pathetic 16 superstars only on its roster. WWE fans are very aware of the order of things regarding the individual brands. Raw has always been marketed as the number one brand, (though over the past several months Smackdown has stolen the spotlight, which is why I suspect Raw recieved the most draft picks) Smackdown as the number two brand, and ECW as the last. There has always been a balance though, for the most part, between the shows superstars and their popularity. This has to be done to keep people interested in watching each brands show. ECW has been the exception to this rule, with generally only one or two superstars worth watching and a handful of wrestling rookies vying for the right to be called superstar. I’m no marketing guru, but the problem with this approach is that if Vince McMahon doesn’t at least keep ECW’s depth chart as thick, or close to the other two brands, the show will be buried. There are a few superstars on the other two rosters that have potential (they wouldn’t be in the WWE if they didn’t) but have yet to find the right gimmick, or storyline to bolster their careers. Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins, (former Edge lackeys) Sim Snuka, (“Superfly” Snuka’s son) DH Smith, (the late great Davey Boy Smith/British Bulldog’s son) Hurricane Helms, Jesse and Festus, and Jimmy Wang Yang, just to name a few. They would be perfect for transitioning in ECW.

The diva’s are always a tricky prediction because the competion between the divas has been a joke for several years now. It’s more about selling sex than competition. Of course, there are a few ladies worth watching; Mickie James, Gail Kim, and Natalya for starters. I’ll give props to Melina and Michelle McCool for trying to put out a great performance, as well as learning how to wrestle and taking it seriously. The diva proportions on the brands are ridiculous though. Raw and Smackdown have eight divas each, while ECW has only three. What is that about?

Now, we get to what you’ve all been waiting for….the shockers of the night.

1. Matt Hardy going to Raw– It was no shock that The Hardy’s were split up, you can only take this type of storyline to a certain point, and I believe it will slowly fade away soon enough. Jeff Hardy seemed like the more likely candidate between the two brothers to go to Raw because Matt Hardy had just jumped ship from ECW, and like it or not Jeff Hardy is the more popular brother. It’s a shame really, because Matt has just as much talent as his brother, but  fans seem to take faster to the high risk, high flying sort- understandably. Matt has more charisma then his counterpart Jeff, but on the other hand Jeff”s obvious artistic abilities and his quiet demeanor make him mysterious. Everyone loves a mysterious rebel. Secondly, it’s hard to sale two brothers who are face, one is always going to be the more popular. It was a smart career move for Matt to turn heel, it gives him his own identity, away from the Hardy Boyz label. Every WWE superstar dreams of becoming the WWE champion and you can’t do that as a team.

2. The Miz going to Raw–  I saw this split coming too; it’s been a long time coming. Both superstars have the capability of branching out and having successful individual careers, but again, I thought it would be the other way around. John Morrison is the more talented of the two, and seems to be more popular. This leaves the tag team division even more devoid then before- something needs to be done about that.

3. Legacy staying intact- I thought for sure one of Legacy’s members would be divided in order to really shake up that storyline. A change is coming, either Ted Dibiase or Cody Rhodes will turn on Randy Orton. Legacy will dissolve in a similar way to Evolution.

and finally……

4. I knew Kane would go to Smackdown, but I thought there would be a trade off for The Undertaker to draw out the storyline between Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker a bit longer. Maybe they plan on either re-uniting or pitting the two brothers against one another again. I have no complaints there, but still, there is the supplemental draft ahead. With my other draft picks being correct, Triple H, and the Big Show going to Raw, along with Batista being back, I was almost positive John Cena would go back to Smackdown. Too many big names on one show isn’t the norm for the creative writing teams. Also, it would have been a great opportunity to enhance Cena and Edge’s storyline, especially with the Big Show out of the way. The Big Show went to Raw to end the Vicki Guerrero/Edge saga, which was an easy prediction.

See you after the results of the supplemental draft!  It will be a much shorter re-cap. Until then….


One thought on “WWE 2009 Draft Follow Up-and some other afterthoughts

  1. Great job with the picks!! I saw the Triple H pick coming a mile away along with Big Show, Rey, and Matt Hardy. I also saw the Miz/Morrison breakup coming but like you thought that Morrison would be the one breaking it up. I think they are going to push Morrison as the new Shawn Michaels.
    I am a little surprised that Cena and Tiple H are both champs and on the same show. I wounder where that will go? Anyway, great post. Take Care.


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