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Two weeks prior to the Pro Bowl I wrote an article that was meant to run in The Daily News Journal on February 8th, the day of the Pro Bowl, so it would have the most impact. As it turns out, the article was a prediction, or quite possibly, a subconscious premonition. It’s not the first time I have predicted the outcome of a sports event, and I’m certain it won’t be the last. You see, I’ve become a professional spoiler when it comes to the WWE, but it would be a serious push in the direction towards narcissism to claim all the credit. The fact is, the WWE is becoming increasingly predictable with every “new” storyline. (Although, the Randy Orton storyline was a nice surprise; still, he is now the Stone Cold of the YZ generation, the one chosen to be the fuel on the Mcmahon fueding fire pit.)

Had we decided to run the article, it would have looked outdated somewhat. Michael Griffin ended up playing for the injured Ed Reed, and both Ahmard Hall and Keith Bulluck turned out to be alternates, though they didn’t see playing time. So, it didn’t run, but I see no reason not to share it here with you. Psychic or great research skills, you make the decision.





Anne HargrovePro Bowl Football


With the Titans disappointing, season ending, loss to the Ravens all we
have left to look forward to is the 2009 Pro Bowl. It’s been well
documented that the pro bowl has become nothing more than a popularity
contest, which is appalling considering the fans only make up 1/3 of
the votes, while various NFL coaches and players make up a combined
2/3 of the votes. There has also been recent speculation as to the
voting process, and the fact that it takes place too early. The only
question I have is would it really matter if the time frame was moved

While the Titans are lucky to have six players heading for Hawaii,
there are a few more that have been acrimoniously snubbed. Keith
Bulluck has been snubbed several years in a row, some of which he was
an elite among all other linebackers, but this year’s picks at OLB are
hard to argue with. Miami’s Joey Porter had 17 ½ sacks, and four
forced fumbles. Pittsburgh’s James Harrison had 16 sacks and seven
forced fumbles. The sack numbers alone are enough to secure a spot in
Hawaii for those two.

There are three other Titans however, that deserve mention. FS Michael
Griffin, FB Ahmard Hall, and KR/PR Chris Carr are three of the Titans
most underrated players at their respective positions. The FS position
on the AFC pro bowl roster belongs to the Ravens Ed Reed, and while
there is no denying Ed Reed is a future hall of famer, he is ranked
number 63 at the FS position in the regular season with 41 total
tackles, 34 solo tackles, one sack, and nine interceptions. Michael
Griffin, on the other hand, is ranked number 15 at the FS position
with 75 total tackles, 55 solo tackles, one sack, and seven
interceptions, only two less than Ed Reed and Michael Griffin had 20
more tackles. I understand how impressive Ed Reed is, what he’s done
throughout his NFL career is nothing short of miraculous. So, let’s
say its imperative to have him in the pro bowl, there is only one spot
allotted for the FS position, but there are two spots on the roster
for the SS position. Why is that? Why not assign two free safeties and
split the time up between the four quarters?

That brings me to the next question. How is it that a HB is going to
Hawaii, at the FB position? The Ravens Le’Ron McClain transitioned
from FB to HB at the beginning of the season when Willis McGahee
showed signs of visible wear and tear. Don’t get me wrong, McClain has
been a savior for the Ravens and their run game, but he is a HB.
Lorenzo Neal is their fullback. The Titans Ahmard Hall is an up and
coming super star at the FB position, well on his way to being
mentioned in the same light of say, a Lorenzo Neal. The Titans running
game speaks for itself, without the O line and the FB there would be
no run game, and if you question Hall’s toughness, set up your TiVo’s
and go back to the play where Ray Lewis gave him a monstrous tackle,
sending his helmet flying off his head. Without hesitation, Hall
jumped back to his feet, challenging Ray Lewis to do it again.

What about the KR/PR position? That spot was given to the Jet’s Leon
Washington. Washington is a great KR/PR, but NFL media has made it
widely known that The Titan’s Chris Carr has the highest KR/PR average
in the NFL, grinding out about 28.1 yards per carry, vs. Leon
Washington’s 25.6.

 So, just what is the answer behind the Titan’s perpetual snubbing and
their slew of underrated players? Some players and fans blame
Nashville for having a small media market, but let’s get real,
Nashville is not the smallest market for a team in the NFL, and the
Titans are owned by the NFL, like every other team. Sports media
markets such as, ESPN and the NFL Network give teams players the real
power. Maybe we’ll never know the answer, or maybe changes will be
made to the Pro Bowl voting process during the offseason and then we
can see the impact it really had. Until then, there’s always next


One thought on “The Sports Psychic

  1. LOL….Nice post. Send some of your predictions my way regarding what’s going on in the WWE. I would love to see what you think.

    Take Care,
    Shawn at The Dirt Sheet

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